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YogaBears Self Esteem Roadshow for Primary Years

The aim of the workshop is to encourage self-belief within the class. We will learn about self-confidence and take the children on a journey uncovering their perceived selves and any self-criticism that they may have. We hear only too often children saying, ‘I’m bad at spelling’ or ‘I’m rubbish at sports day’ during this workshop we will seek to change the children’s self-criticism into positivity in-sighting true self-belief!

The Workshop will consist both of physical practice via yoga postures and breathing techniques as-well as mindful activities such as making self-esteem building blocks and so on.

The workshop will last for 90mins.

The children will all leave the workshop with something to take home such as a positive affirmation about themselves. 

We can also leave the class Teacher with a small activity that the children will have completed, for them to do in the future, to really build on the foundations and progress made during the 90mins.

If you would like to discuss running a roadshow in your local area, please get in touch.

This Workshop can be run in the school environment, in your local gym, children’s centre and can be fully inclusive of parents!

Please get in touch for more information including price and availability in your area!

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