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Affirmation Magic

I absolutely love affirmations; I think they are so powerful. For anyone that does not know what an affirmation is they are a positive set of words that we say out loud to ourselves. When we affirm, we create positive words for our body and mind. When we repeat affirmations or use them on a regular basis our minds start to believe what we are saying creating a more positive attitude and beautiful vibrations around our body.

At YogaBears we love affirmations we use them all the time and the kids love them too. All the kids find it extremely easy to say these powerful words out loud with no hesitation but as we reach adulthood why do we find it so difficult? I often wonder this as in my adult classes I also use affirmations and I can see when I begin a class and I have new students when I mention saying anything out loud or affirming that there is an element of panic or even embarrassment. Being honest when I very first started my yoga journey, and I was in a class where we had to chant, I felt embarrassed to do it because I thought what will people think? Why does it matter what people think? Why do we get so caught up in other people’s opinions? As soon as you take all those questions out of the equation you begin to realise that it is your practice and nobody else’s and nobody really cares what you are doing because they are focused on themselves.

I have had a few conversations in recent weeks with some ladies that come to my adult classes. We were talking about affirmations and all of them agreed that when they started coming to class and I was asking them to say affirmations, their words were “we thought oh no why is she asking us to do this I will not be coming back to this class” I started laughing because they have all been coming for over a year now and I asked them why did they come back and the answer “it made us feel powerful and gave us more confidence” and their confidence has continued to grow. When we give ourselves a hug most of the time now before I even say “ I Love Me” they have already said it out loud. How amazing that a few small sentences have such a huge impact on us!! This is why I love affirmations so much.

So, using affirmations in YogaBears classes gives kids a feeling of empowerment that they can take with them into adulthood and when they are older affirmations will not be thought of as something to fear they will be second nature to them.

One of my favourite affirmations is

I Am Strong

I Am Brave

I Am Beautiful

Why not give it a try, say it out loud or maybe start by repeating it to yourself and working your way up to saying it out loud, I promise it will make you feel amazing. The more you say it the more powerful you will feel.

Have a beautiful week.

Love & Magic always

Sarah xx

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