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Ajna Bear 'Dreams Challenge'

Welcome to your Ajna challenge, our purple YogaBear who helps us connect to our inner spirit and guide, helping us to see and feel what is real and what is not.

The sick sense in children is very powerful as some of illusions of the society have not penetrated deep yet, they have a natural instinct to what is real through their cosmic eye and at YogaBears it is our mission to protect and cultivate this super power throughout childhood.

Here is the creator of YogaBears Estelle to tell you more about Ajna and her superpower of Truth!

Ajna's superpower is that voice inside that whispers, you know the one when you say I knew I should not have done but you do it anyway and have a negative outcome, imagine children can use these whispers as a guide for their whole life,

Can you remember a time your inner voice spoke to you?

Did you listen? If you did listen how did it work out? If you didn’t listen how did it work

Daily Challenge 1

Sit in stillness for a moment and then begin to draw whatever comes to your hand to guide it!

Are you surprised about your drawing? Is it something you are not familiar with? Do you think there is a message behind the drawing?

When I was younger up until now, when I mindfully draw, it is always trees, butterfly and stars these are 3 symbols that have definitely guided me on my journey of life and they give me hope and faith to follow that inner whisper!

Try mindful drawing after your meditation practice and see what comes sometimes it easier to understand pictures rather than words’

Ajna Magic Dreams Meditation

Today’s mantra is “I am listen to the inner whisper and let it guide”

Today’s posture is: mermaid

Daily Challenge 2

Is there something that you are told or a rule that is in place that you don’t feel is right, and an inner voice tells you that it isn’t?

Do you feel you could question the rule? Explore the topic around it and make up your own mind!

For example, I was always told that milk that came from cows was the only source of calcium that my body needed to be healthy. I questioned this as an adult and guess what... I found lots of other sources of calcium including plants and nuts!!!

Explore your chosen topic we have education at our fingertips this education allows us to trust our inner voice Evan more!

Todays mantra is “I am confident in my inner knowing and curious to explore”

Todays posture: is Panda

Daily Challenge 3

Think about our Sid story from our truth challenge week, in which part in the story did Sid hear the whisper from his inner voice?

Think about how our bodies can also send us messages, remember we spoke about a sickly feeling in our tummy when we feel worried?

What other signs can you think of?

In the story Sid’s inner voice was talking to him to guiding him to read his book but Sid didn’t listen, he ignored his body telling him her was tired and then he became grumpy and lashed out!

If Sid had of listened to his inner voice and had the confidence to speak his truth, the negative event would not have happened! See how our super powers connect 💯

Today’s mantra is “I listen to my inner whisper and I am confident to speak it

Today’s pose is Xtra Energy

Daily Challenge 4

Today lets put everything together, everything we have discovered this week and we have a very special Ajna class with Emma !! We hope you enjoy this class and we are very excited to take you on our final magical journey next week discovering about our bear that connects them all Rah and his superpower of 'Freedom!!'

Congratulations on completing the week! Here is your very special ' Dreams' certificate!

A Dreams Cert
Download DOCX • 96KB

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