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Can you learn to be a Yoga Teacher in a day?

For me one of the most significant vocations is to work with children, whether you’re a teacher a coach, a paediatrician, a youth worker, lunch time assistant or a children’s yoga teacher your performance as a professional has an impact on shaping and moulding the children you work with.

Working with children may not be the most financially rewarding job but I know from experience when you are able to work from your heart with children it is the most rewarding job for your soul, knowing that you can make a difference not just in the child’s life but collectively in the future of the world.

For any job working with children it is necessary to be educated and equipped, although it is a vocation which is something you feel not learn it is still necessary to be fully immersed and virtuosic so you can authentically share your experience and areas of skill.

Those who make the most virtuosic & skilful yoga teachers are those that have begun their own yoga journey which has given them an understanding of who they are, it’s not about standing on your head but standing confidently on your own two feet! So, you can help children stand on there’s building confidence and resilience.

At YogaBears it is necessary for all our teachers to have their own practice so they can share the YogaBears teachings effectively and our foundation training is 100 hours Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited, this is just the beginning and we have many more training opportunities including Butterfly Bears (for those with extra needs) training and youth yoga training, with extra workshop trainings each year being offered on skype.

Our aim, is to have a life time of training available for our YogaBears Teachers as the best teachers know to be forever a student, there is always something new to learn and every student is completely different and should be approached in that way, it’s not one size fits all we celebrate uniqueness.

We are proud of our YogaBears Teachers and feel like that their success is due to abundant contact hours with lead teachers and business management, this begins from the teacher training application throughout the YogaBears journey.

So, can you learn to be a children’s yoga teacher in a day without prior experience?

I would strongly advise against it but yes unfortunately there are courses that offer this which of course are not accredited by the YAP and I am sure you would not feel fully equipped to guide children through their yoga especially when no prior experience of working with children or yoga experience, which unfortunately for many is not required.

One of the reasons that lead me to create YogaBears TTC was because the courses I was looking at were minimal hours and did not require yoga experience, and some didn’t even have contact hours as they were done completely on line.

I had to question how can such a significant vocation lack the curriculum & experience necessary to be a yoga teacher, you would certainly never be able to train as an adult yoga teacher in such short space of time so why as a children’s yoga teacher?

As I was already a yoga teacher and have been for 10 years with 15 year’s experience of yoga I decided I needed to create my own yoga teacher training and YogaBears was born, thankfully my experience of working with children and my degree in advanced study of early years helped me create a Yoga Teacher Training that not only helps children develop holistically through our chakra super power model but also the teacher.

At YogaBears it is just as much about the teacher then it is the child, they have to have a deep understanding of the yoga in order to communicate it effectively to children.

In order to inspire children, teachers have to be able to inspire themselves and I know YogaBears Teacher Trainings can do this because we have created a tribe of inspiring teachers that not only demonstrates the power of our training but also makes our support network stronger for our growing number of new teachers.

If you are considering becoming a children’s yoga teacher it’s all starts with you, before you take children on their magical journey you have to have begun your own, put yourself first, find time for yoga then find a course that is right and fully equipped for you, I believe the recipe for success and happiness is to find your gift and then give it away to the world and that’s exactly what we do at YogaBears.

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