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Covid 19 Update

We at YogaBears hope that everyone is keeping well and managing to sail through the turbulent waters of the current social and economic climate.

Looking ahead to further in the year, we are planning to start the YogaBears Teacher Training Courses back in August. We have created a new timetable which is;

August 26th - 29th YogaBears TTC Ages 2-11years

November 4th - 7th Transform Teen Yoga & Fitness Training, 4 Day Course

November 6th - 7th Transform Teen Yoga & Fitness, 2 Day Course

November 8th - 11th Baby Yoga & Massage

All of the above courses will be held at Liverpool Yoga Studios, Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool, L3 2AP.

We have made alterations to our payment plans to support those wishing to take the course and to make it more accessible.

The changes we have made include reducing the initial deposit from £200 to £50. To find out more visit our payment page.

If you have any questions please do get in touch by emailing, click the picture below to visit payment plan page.

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