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Do you ever stop in your day to think about all the things that you feel grateful for? I know life can get so busy and one thing after the other it is extremely easy to forget about taking a moment to feel grateful.

The past two days have not gone as planned for me and I have felt a little stressed internally. I say internally because I always keep my calm on the outside which I would guess is from my time working in the hospital where on the outside I would always remain nice and clam but on the inside, I could feel my stomach turning. In those moments of feeling like this, did I ever stop to think it is not that bad? Just think about what you feel grateful for. Absolutely not! But yesterday as I approached the studio, I thought Sarah nothing will ever be as stressful as working in the hospital and think of all the amazing things that have happened already today even amongst the chaos. So, I made my way into the studio and I can honestly say from that moment on I had a wonderful evening teaching. Is it because I took a moment to feel grateful? I 100% think so because I changed my mindset from stressed too thankful.

For the last six weeks before I go to bed, I write three things down in my journal that I am grateful for and last night I had six things that I felt so grateful for in my day even though towards the evening it did not feel like such a great day. But when I wrote everything down it was quite a wonderful day, but I could not see through that for the small things that had made me feel so stressed and I allowed myself to only concentrate on those. Only for me taking a moment to journal I would have gone to bed last night thinking what a chaotic day I had and forgetting all the amazing things that happened. I cannot recommend a gratitude journal enough it has really helped me the last few weeks and It is something that I plan on continuing with in the long term.

Gratitude is something I talk about a lot in my YogaBears classes, every class we do we always do a posture called grateful yogi (child’s pose) where we think about all the people and things, we feel grateful for or something that has happened in our day. The children never have any problem sharing what they feel grateful for which is so lovely to see. A few weeks ago, I asked everyone to draw a picture of their favourite pose, one little boy drew himself in grateful yogi with a little bubble above his head with his mum, dad and dog and said every time we do this pose that is what he thinks of. Well, he melted my heart with this. And it really got me thinking no matter how bad our day may seem or the obstacles that are put in our path there will always always be something to be grateful for.

What are you grateful for today?

Today I am grateful for another day of this beautiful life I have been gifted :-)

Have a beautiful week.

Love & Magic Always

Sarah x

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