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Hata the Bears 'Love' Challenge!

Welcome to our Green YogaBear Hata and his Weekly Yoga & Mindfulness Challenge for ages 3yrs – 11years.

Here is the Creator of YogaBears Estelle to tell you all about Hata and his super-power of 'Love'


Daily Challenge 1

What does love mean to you? Think of people who you love, and draw a picture of them, what do you love about them? Now draw a picture of yourself and all you love about you, do you know that more you love yourself the more your can love those around you! What do you think is the opposite of love? Do you know what judgement means?

Sometimes those who don’t send love are the ones that need it the most

Let’s listen to YogaBears story time:

There was a little rabbit called spot, and she was very lonely because she lived in a cage on her own, she was fed and watered but no one came to play with her, so when somebody finally did she bit them because she was scared. This displeased Spot's owner and they gave the rabbit away to a local farm.
Here Spot played with all the other rabbits and she was happy and not lonely anymore. Spot had friends now including our YogaBear Hata and one night Hata heard Spot crying, Hata asked why she was crying and Spot said she felt bad because she had bitten the little girl. Hata explained, that now she knew love she could give love as she did not know love before.
Hata, wisely went on to tell Spot that if we are not shown love we become scared because the opposite of 'Love' is 'Fear!'
When we know 'love' and realise we are 'love' the fear goes away.

Spot was so happy she had friends now and she knew love, when the children at the farm picked her up to cuddle her she cuddled closely into them, she was not scared anymore because she now knew love ❤

Todays mantra is ‘ I am not scared because I am love”

Today’s posture is camel !!!



Daily Challenge 2

Today let’s learn about unconditional love!

Think about our story with Spot the rabbit and YogaBear Hata,

Do you think you could still love the rabbit if she bit you?

Do you think she deserved a second chance?

No one is perfect, we all deserve to be loved, parents and carers love unconditionally even though we might make mistakes and forget to listen sometimes or lose our patience they will always love us.

Think about a time when you have been shown unconditional love.

Think about how you can show unconditional love to someone else

A great way to cultivate more love for ourselves and others is to inhale love and take love for ourselves and then exhale love to share it with everyone around us, let’s do this together and and as you breathe vision those to whom you are sending love, send it to those who need it the most. Try and sit still and breathe in this way for 3-5mins.

(All sit in a circle or a desks, everyone close their eyes and picture love to be a huge green light. As we breathe in. breathe in a brilliant green light, right to our hearts and then breathe out this magnificent green light sending it to those who need our love the most!)

Todays mantra is ‘ I am love I shine love to the world”

Today’s posture is rainbow pose!!!

 Daily Challenge 3

Today we will learn more about Hata' s superpower of Love!

Hata's magical centre is placed at our heart space, let’s explore our own heart beat!

Lie down and relax and tune into your heart beat, with each heart beat imagine your super power of love becoming stronger & stronger.

Take a moment as you lie there and think what you would like to use your love super power for? This is called setting your intention!

To help make our intention stronger let’s manifest by writing our love mission down on paper or drawing a beautiful picture of your love mission.

We know love can change the world we would love to hear about your love mission tag is in your intention writing and manifesting pictures #yogaBearslovemission

Today we will listen to Our love meditation, lay or sit down and close your eyes… Daily Challenge 4

Today lets put everything together everything we have discovered this week and we have a very special Hata class with Sarah !!! We hope you enjoy this class and we are very excited to take you on another magical journey in 2 weeks time discovering all about YogaBear Sid super-power of 'Truth & Kindness' This week we also have a special Story Time with Jo!!!

Story Time with Jo

Congratulations on completing the week! Here is your very special 'LOVE' certificate!

Hata Certificate LOVE
Download DOCX • 387KB

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