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Hold me close!

No matter if they are big or little......hold your babies close. As we are an extension of the universe and feel these unsettling times, our babies are also an extension of us and will pick up on our fears and stress. We are only human and it is ok to feel stress and fear during these challenging times, but we must not pretend we are ok if we are not, as our children will pick up on this. In my opinion, I think it is important that our children see us as humans and the reality is that sometimes we have feelings and emotions that are completely out of our control, and often this is because we have to accept circumstances that are out of control. Over these last couple of weeks, my children have seen me cry and I have explained to them why and I have also given them the solution The why was the corona virus and the solution is helping them and everyone around me to raise the vibe. I suspect if we don’t speak the truth to our children they will not feel comfortable to speak their truths to us, and it is so important they feel heard at this time of great change for everyone. We as adults may feel that we have lost our grounding because of the ever-changing corona situation that we are facing, which in my view makes it imperative we find ways to ground our children and ourselves (check out the free Yogabears videos online to ground and connect). It is frustrating at this time that we can’t make plans, and a lot of our plans have been broken but the likelihood is we will still be here to tell the tale, and really no one ever knows what is going to happen each day so living and loving day by day is not only essential but liberating. Unfortunately, people who are already vulnerable have now become a little more vulnerable so it is important we don’t lose our heads because we need to help them in any way we can.......and we’ll all feel better for doing so! I have witnessed such a growing surge of community-minded people asking to help with childcare for the NHS staff, others asking the vulnerable do they need shopping or online assistance, when we can help we feel we can regain some control back but even more important it also feeds the soul. Even young children at this time will instinctively know there is something uncertain happening because they will be picking up on the collective consciousness of society. Collective consciousness is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. The thoughts that we empower as individuals are thoughts that we share with the collective planetary consciousness and thus the energy we are giving out to our children & families. At this time the planetary consciousness is one of fear because this is a pandemic and it is reaching far and wide, we need to do everything in our power to switch the fear to love and acceptance and do the best we can do in this situation. The more we unite the more empowered we will feel. Whenever a group of people has a strong belief system (religious, political, economic, or social) they will be energetically connecting in more powerful ways than anyone who is not part of their belief system or group. Let’s raise the consciousness together, find your stillness to make sense of the craziness and avoid news and the constant bombardment of media, do yoga with your family, do fitness workouts, read books and eat wholesome food. Here is a little daily list for me to stay grounded -Connecting to nature on my veranda (get outside any way you can and connect to our earth mother) consume healthy foods and juices as well the occasional champers (it’s important we nourish our bodies, think 'healthy foods are happy foods' and junk food will inevitability make you sad as you come down from the bad sugar and fats. Now more than ever eat as many plant-based foods as you can) -raising the vibe through reading and research not through watching tv and reading tabloids -daily dance just literally putting a song on and dancing to feel free and make me smile ( as well as the kids when they watch me being silly 🤣) -daily meditations -daily oil pulling with coconut to get rid of any germs -body brushing to help the immune system (it boosts the lymph system thus helps get rid of toxins) -long hot baths to de-stress with the occasional @loveearthkiss mask 💯 -above all holding my family close and keeping children informed on the changes every day. All the above is to keep a healthy mind to empower myself and my family, it’s easy to feel helpless in these uncertain times so it is important to empower ourselves and share and connect....which is one of the main reasons for writing this blog. Let’s just be humans together and the veil of perfection now has to be lifted as we are all vulnerable so et’s find real honest beauty in our vulnerability after all only love is real! Stay tuned to YogaBears and LYS for yoga, fitness and mediation videos you can do at home!

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