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Kindness Is Key

Sometimes I find it difficult to know what to write about if I am being honest and every week, I put my faith in the universe and wait for something or someone to inspire me, so I know the energetical vibration is right for the blog to be shared. The last few weeks I have struggled a little to get the blog out on a day I think it should be posted and I get myself in a panic if I can’t do it on the day I have in mind, but what I came to realise when I spoke to Vicky (general manager) to say I would be a day late and her words were “no one sets your deadline so there is no stress” that the pressure only came from myself and no one else and the thing is I already knew this but seeing those words made me take a breath and think ok, I will wait for my inspiration and of course an hour later I knew what I was going to be writing about. Those little words and acts of kindness matter more than sometimes we even realise.

Today I took myself off to a beautiful coffee shop called The Sea Shanty in New Brighton, where I witnessed so much kindness, kind words, kind acts, kindness in people’s faces this is not only a coffee shop this is a community filled with kindness. The lovely owner Adam and his beautiful partner Sian who both work here use the tips from customers to help different communities every month. One community that has benefited from this amazing act of kindness is for single mothers in Africa which helped to pay for rent amongst other things that were needed. Adam and Sian also did a dip in the sea every single day of the year last year to raise money for their local community. How amazing is that? All this kindness spread across the community by two beautiful souls.

When we take a moment to notice what is going on around us and speak to people, we will see kindness everywhere. We are three days into this week, and I have already been blessed by kind words and kind acts from family, friends and strangers and it really fills my heart with so much love and joy, it is a feeling that sometimes is unexplainable.

YogaBears classes are always filled with kind words and gestures, and we always talk about being kind to each other and how important it is. And of course our blue bear Sid has a superpower of kindness. Yesterday morning was a perfect example of an act of kindness when we had a new little boy join class and there were not enough bears for everyone and without hesitation all the children in class were willing to share their bear to make our new student feel welcome. And I know that this act of kindness made this little boy feel much more relaxed as he smiled over at me and settled into class.

Remember kindness is free and no act of kindness no matter how small you think it may be will ever go unnoticed so sprinkle it around like fairy dust and watch the magic begin.

Have A Beautiful Week

Love & Magic Always

Sarah x

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