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'Lets Turn those Frowns Upside Down!'

As the Summer Holidays begin, we are gearing up to run a few workshops through-out the summer with this summer's theme ' Self Esteem!'

Through out this year, low self esteem has been the reoccurring theme for our teachers across the country and Europe.

Teachers are reporting more children than ever openly talk negatively about themselves and their abilities, be it at school or at home.

Our YogaBears Teachers mission is to turn this negative trend around by bringing the magic and positivity of yoga alive through self esteem building classes and workshops.

So far we have ran these classes and workshops in schools and our teachers have incorporated this theme into their classes. The impact has been 'Wow' amazing!

The children have blown our minds as to how they have taken negatives and turned them into positives and their self belief has been outstanding!!

For tips on how to deal with low self esteem be it at home or in school. drop our team an email at and we will send over information on how you can help your child/children beat this self critical cycle!

Team YB

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