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Post Pandemic Feelings

As the COVID pandemic appears to be coming to a conclusion. How are you feeling?

How are you adjusting to “normal” life being free to socialise and connect with family friends, colleagues and complete strangers.

I know after a strict lockdown in Spain I was definitely feeling some social anxiety not because I was scared of covid but because personal interactions with people, one to one and in groups was overwhelming at times.

As an adult if I feel like this how are our children feeling?

In recent studies its has been indicated that compared to adults, the Covid pandemic may continue to have increased long term adverse consequences on children and tweens and teens (shen et al)

Social workers are warning of a rise in the number of children with mental health problems since the start of the pandemic, with official figures recording a 25% increase as lockdowns and school closures have taken a toll.

Furthmore Councils have said they have “grave concerns” over the growing demand for help, with nearly 1,500 children a week presenting with mental health problems

By march last year There were 77,390 children who had been assessed as having a mental health need by councils, an increase of 25% on the 61,830 seen two years earlier, according to statistics from the Department for Education.

I believe that YogaBears now more than ever is needed to overcome these challenges children's our facing in regards to their mental health.

An awareness of their rainbow chakra light is necessary to all children from babyhood to beyond! Imagine all children knew that when the world becomes dark that is often when our own light can shine brightest!

YogaBears takes children on a journey inwards and it is within this journey that children can explore their feelings and emotions and make sense of them.

Children our capable of releasing trauma they may have experienced because of the pandemic with their YogaBears breathing, mindfulness and magical YogaBears posture.

Evidence supports that Yoga and mindfulness offers psychological benefits for children. A growing body of research has already shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behaviour. As well as reduce anxiety and stress in children

Hagan and Nayar argue that children and young people need tools like the ones YogaBears provides to listen inwardly to their bodies, feelings, and ideas.

They go onto to say that Yoga can assist children in developing ways, to strengthen themselves.

This is so true Within our YogaBears classes we find our inner strength whether it be roaring through the jungle as a lion letting out an outer roar to release inner anger or anxiety! Or simply lying in relaxation being guided by our teachers relax, our YogaBears know that stillness is the ultimate strength!

As the creator of YogaBears with over 12 years of experience of teaching children I know yoga can help children gain confidence to not just be less anxious in society but to be strong contributors in raising the vibe

of society.

YogaBears builds confidence by allowing children to speak their truth in our unique YogaBears circle, whether it be talking about their day or what makes them feel loved or grounded we give children a much needed opportunity to speak without judgement

Hagan supports our YogaBears concept and in a recent article talked about discovering how yoga can help children and young people cope with stress and thus, contribute positively to balance in life, well-being, and mental health.

At YogaBears we have the solution to solve the current mental health Pandemic our children face!

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