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Pura the Bears 'Strength' Challenge!

Welcome to our Yellow YogaBear Pura and her Weekly Challenge for ages 3yrs – 11years.

This challenge invites the children to explore their Pura super-power. Pura represents our 'yellow energy centre' or 'chakra' depending on how you would like to reference it. Here is Estelle the founder of YogaBears to introduce Pura and her very special super-power of 'Strength' to you all and the fun week ahead!!


Daily challenge 1

What does strength mean to you? Think of people who you think of as strong, and draw a picture of them, why do you think they are strong? Now draw a picture of yourself and all your strengths.

Let’s talk about it “if you cry does that mean you are not strong” when we show our emotions this is a real strength because we do not keep all our emotions locked in and try to hide them inside. Draw a picture of what emotions look like and think about how strong you are when you allow your emotions to come and then go.

Todays mantra is ‘ I am strong because I am me”

Today’s posture is downward dog !!!



Daily Challenge 2

Now we are strong enough to know our emotions let’s explore our senses

Notice 5 things you can smell: Cast your eyes around and bring your attention to five things you might not normally notice. Choose something you wouldn’t ordinarily pay attention to, like a shadow or a small crack in the table.

Notice 4 things you can feel with your hands:

Bring your awareness to four things you are currently feeling, like the texture of your pants, the feeling of the breeze on your skin, or the smooth surface of a table you are resting your hands on.

Notice three things that you can hear:

Try to tune in to the sounds of your surroundings. What can you hear in the background? This might be a bird singing, the low hum of the fridge, or the faint sounds of cars or Evan cats nearby.

Notice two things that you can smell.

Tune your senses into smells you might usually gloss over, whether they’re pleasant or unpleasant. Perhaps the breeze is carrying the scent of pine trees if you’re outside, or the smell of your mums perfume.

Notice one thing that you can taste.

Focus on one thing you can taste right now, in this moment. What is your favourite taste in the whole wide world can you imagine tasting it? My favourite is chocolate what’s yours?

Now think about something that you feel happy about? Is there anything you feel sad about? Notice how your feel is there anything you want to let go off? You have the power to let go let’s take a power breath together.

"Inhale in the beautiful colour yellow helping you to feel strong and powerful

Exhale out the colour yellow and as you do let go of any sad feelings.......can you see them leave? do you feel lighter? Do you feel stronger

Todays mantra is ‘ I am strong because I can let go of what does not serve me”

Today’s posture is ninja !!!



Daily Challenge 3

Today we will learn more about Pura’s superpower of strength!

What makes us feel strong , strength can feel different for everyone, some feel strong when they move, some feel strong when they are still , sometimes you can feel strong when you say no as you understand you have choices for everything you do.

Now let’s think about when we do yoga, when do we feel strong? Do you feel strong when you're balancing your body In tree? Do you feel strong when you have control of your powerful breathe? Do you feel strong in meditation when you can relax and leave the world behind?

Now Do what ever makes you feel strong in yoga and then take a picture, if you would like to share the pictures with us tag #strongertogetherforeveryogabears

Today we will listen to Our strength meditation, lay or sit down and close your eyes…

Daily Challenge 4

Today lets put everything together everything we have discovered this week and we have a very special Pura class with Emma!!! We hope you enjoy this class and we are very excited to take you on another magical journey next week discovering all about YogaBear Hata's super-power of 'Love.'

Congratulations on completing the week! Here is your very special 'Strength' certificate!

Pura Strength certificate
Download DOCX • 397KB

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