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Sid Bear 'Truth Challenge'

Welcome to your Sid challenge!

Sid is our blue YogaBear who helps us connect to our truth and have the confidence to not only speak it but live it too, it’s important to remember we do not get what we ask for, we get reflected back to us, who we are and that is the law of attraction .

Sid represents our visuddha chakra which is located at the throat and when this chakra is working in balance, it is our nature to only speak love and kindness because that is truly who we all are!

What does truth mean to you? Think of people who you love, and draw a picture of them, what do you love about them? Now draw a picture of yourself and all you love about you, do you know that more you love yourself the more your can love those around you! What do you think is the opposite of love? Do you know what judgement means?

Sometimes those who don’t send love are the ones that need it the most! Here is Estelle the Creator of YogaBears explaining more about our special bear Sid!

Daily Challenge 1

Write down 2 things that you think but may be scared to say aloud? You don’t have to tell anyone just right then down so you can see......ask yourself why you don’t want to speak it? Is it something kind? is it describing how you feel? Is it something you dream to be or do?

Today’s mantra is “I am my truth I speak with love and kindness”

Today’s posture is Fish Pose.

Daily Challenge 2

Think about the word judgement what does it mean to you? Are their things that you would do but you are scared to be judged by others. Do you feel you worry about standing out from the crowd if you speak your truth? Speaking our truth is an amazing way to express our uniqueness wouldn’t it be boring in the world if we were all the same!

Todays mantra is “I am me and a embrace my uniqueness” today’s posture is Jumping Frog!

SIds story of truth

In our YogaBears family we are all uniquely different and although our YogaBears love to play together sometimes Sid would rather sit and read a book, but he continued to play even though he was becoming tired and grumpy because he was wishing he was chilling with his book.

After an hour of playing when he did not want to, the ball they were playing with hit him in the face and because Mula was the one who kicked the ball he shouted at Mula and called her a mean name, Mula became upset and so did Stan both of them walked home not taking to each other.

Later that night YogaBears Creator Estelle noticed the Bears we not their happy selves so she got all the bears together Mula, Stan, Pura, Hata, Sid, Ajna and Rah and asked what was wrong?

Hata told Estelle the story of Sid's outburst and Mula's discomfort, and they all admitted they all felt out of balance since two of their friends were not happy!

Estelle encouraged all the YogaBears into a circle and they did their special Bija mantra "haaam", after the mantra Estelle asked Sid why he acted in that way and he explained he did not want to upset the others bears but he was tired playing and wanted to go and read his book!

Estelle explained to the bears that by not speaking your truth In turn all you beautiful bears are upset, if you speak you truth in the right way it can actually save upset not cause it, all you need to do is speak your truth from love and kindness!

Sid looked mindfully at Estelle and agreed and said how sorry he was to Mula, they had a big YogaBears hug and promised to speak their truth always because now they realised the importance of it!

Just like our Bears if one energy centre is out of alignment all our super energy centres will feel the discomfort! Lets listen to our Sid Truth Meditation from Sarah!

Daily Challenge 3

Think about our YogaBears story , how can speaking your truth help you connect with your friends?

Think about all our super powers energy centres you have completed so far how would not speaking your truth effect them?

For example in the story Sid did not speak his use his love super power when he spoke because when he snapped at Mula he did not speak with love?

Can you think did Sid use his Mula super power?

Or his Stan super power?

How about his Pura super power?

How could Sid of used his love super power?

Today’s mantra is “all my super powers are connected and ready”

Today’s pose is wheel pose.

Daily Challenge 4

Today lets put everything together everything we have discovered this week and we have a very special Sid class with Emma !!! We hope you enjoy this class and we are very excited to take you on another magical journey next week discovering all about YogaBear Ajna and her super-power of 'Dreams.'

Congratulations on completing the week! Here is your very special 'TRUTH' certificate!

Sid Truth Certificate
Download DOCX • 94KB

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