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Stan the Bears 'Creativity Challenge'

Welcome to the YogaBears Stan Weekly Challenge for all children ages 3yrs – 11year.

Stan is our 'Orange' YogaBears and has very special superpower of 'Creativity'.

This challenge invites the children to explore their Stan super-power. Stan represents our 'orange energy centre' or 'chakra' depending on how you would like to reference it. Here is Estelle the founder of YogaBears to introduce Stan to you all and the fun week ahead!!


Daily challenge 1

Think of something you would like to become, it might be a butterfly, a mermaid, a lion, a tree whatever it is take a pencil and draw it, then use your body to become it!! You might flap your arms to become wings, swish your legs like a tail or use your voice to roar like a lion what ever it is become it, use you body, mind and soul to be whatever you want to be!

Todays mantra is ‘ I am the creator”

Today’s posture is butterfly !!!



Daily Challenge 2

Now use your chosen creation and take it on an adventure, today is about living the life of your dreams. Imagine what places you will go the people you will see, the mountains you might climb, make a story board of your adventure using words or pictures and then use your body to action out your story pictures, if you travel to Spain become the plane if you are eating ice cream be the ice cream soft and sweet be whatever you want to be you are the creator.

Today’s mantra is ‘my body is magical it can create anything’

Today’s posture is Octopus.



Daily Challenge 3

Today we will learn more about Stan's superpower of creativity!

What makes us feel creative , creativity can feel different for everyone, some feel creative when they move, some feel creative when they draw or write a story creativity is different for everyone but we are all creative. Using your preferred method of creativity show us more of your creative super power! Maybe Evan create a Stan the YogaBear song!

Ask your friends what makes them feel creative and your teachers and parents. Our creative superpower helps us to create magic in the world and realise anything is possible. Today we will listen to our creativity meditation, lay or sit down and close your eyes.

Today's posture is Giraffe!

Daily Challenge 4

Today lets put everything together everything we have discovered this week and we have a very speciaL Stan class with Emma!!! We hope you enjoy this class and we are very excited to take you on another magical journey next week discovering all about YogaBear Pura's super-power of 'Strength.'

Congratulations on completing the week! Here is your very special 'Creativity' certificate!

Creativity Certification
Download DOCX • 388KB

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