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Starting New Classes

This is an exciting time but can also be a fearful one . So many questions running through your head and I completely understand. For me starting new classes is exciting but there is also an element of fear as to whether or not the class will be successful or not. It’s the self sabotage starting before the class has even begun.

When I very first started teaching 5 years ago some classes would be full and some classes would have two children. I would get a little disheartened that my classes were not good enough but as always it would only take a few weeks to build and then more children would follow.

In the past three years I have only taught in schools and these are schools that I have taught in since the beginning of my teaching career, but now as a new school year approaches I am beginning two new classes. One in an after school club in Prenton and one at Flourish in Heswall on a Thursday evening. It is something Kate who owns this beautiful space at Flourish has wanted for so long and as per the universe we randomly crossed paths. I am beyond excited about these classes but it is a reminder to me that classes take time to build.

So if you have two children at your first class and you feel disheartened you are still making a difference to these two children and as the weeks move on the class will build and more children will follow.

I feel sometimes in the age we live in now we think everything has to be perfect from the get go but it really doesn’t, the magic of the class is planting the seed and growing from there. It is just like our Mula YogaBear we start as a seed and when we nourish and love it we bloom into a beautiful tree standing tall, strong and happy on the earth  and that is how your classes will grow when they are planted with love, magic and a little sparkle and the intention is set just watch what happens believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference and that is when wonderful things begin to happen.

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