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The Magic Of Being A YogaBears Teacher

When I became a YogaBears teacher I did not know how drastically my life would change. I had always believed in and loved magic but YogaBears is the absolute epitome of magic.

When people ask me, what is YogaBears my answer is always MAGIC. I remember the day I decided I was going to do the teacher training in Spain, I had not long come back from travelling and I was desperate to do something that would make a change in the world and spread happiness in a different way than my nursing did. I remember the exact conversation I had with Vicky and in a matter of minutes that was it the decision was made.

The teacher training that was run by the beautiful creator of YogaBears Estelle was amazing. These four days are among the most special of my life. I learnt so much and am still learning every day, that will never stop. It is unlike any other course I have ever done and why is that? Because it is delivered with such love and uniqueness, it is 100% ONE OF A KIND.

Fast forward four years later, I have quit my job as a nurse to be a fulltime yoga teacher, I have travelled to New York to teach YogaBears, been to Ireland to teach and now teach the teacher trainings in Liverpool. Did I ever even for a second think that this would be my life? No, but this was the plan all along guided by the universe. So, if you have a dream or think, I want to try something new. Do it!! You are made for amazing things! Believe in the power and the magic that is you! You can do and be anything you want to be. Be free to be you and remember that being you is all you need to do.

I have many conversations about YogaBears and how I do not think I will ever be able to put

into words what it means to be a teacher. YogaBears is not a job it is a vocation. YogaBears helps children to believe in themselves and their superpowers, it helps to empower them and use the tools they learn in class to be able to speak their true feelings and be whomever they want to be in this world🌈

To believe in the magic of their dreams 💫

To believe that they are enough just as they are💕

To believe they are shinning lights in this world 🌍

To believe that they are unique and there is nobody like them in this whole wide world 💕

To not just believe in magic but to know that they are magic 💫

YogaBears nourishes a child's soul but it also nourishes mine and empowers me. It allows me to believe in me just as the children do.

YogaBears will always be MAGIC to me, it will always be what I am meant to do in this world it is my dream come true before I even knew it was.

We are extremely excited about our next teacher training in August 😊 which will run over four days. We cannot wait for there to be even more magic in the world.

Love always

Sarah x

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