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The Mula 'Happiness' Challenge

Updated: May 29, 2020

Welcome to the YogaBears Mula Weekly Challenge for children aged 3yrs – 11yrs.

Mula is our ‘ Red’ YogaBear and has very special superpowers of ‘Happiness & Grounding’

This challenge invites the children to explore their Mula super-power. Mula represents our ‘red energy centre’ or ‘chakra’ depending on how you would like to reference it. Watch YogaBears founder short video below to learn more about Mula and the fun week ahead!

Daily Challenge 1

Can you find the tallest tree close to your house or can you imagine the tallest tree there ever could be. Can you draw its beautiful roots, be as imaginative as you can and then draw its tall branches and leaves, they can be any colour! Todays mantra is ‘ I am safe’ Today’s posture Tree pose!!!

Here's a tutorial on how to do Tree Pose!

Daily Challenge 2

How many different surfaces can we walk on today? Today it's about taking off our shoes and socks and going on a Mula adventure. How many different things can you walk or stand on? Mula wants you to close your eyes and think about how each surface feels, is it cold, wet or warm. Wiggle your toes, squish in your heels. We can wait to see how many different surfaces you can find. Don’t worry if you cant go outside adults can help for example with paper plates to feel the contest or water in a washing up bowl to splash them toes, in preparation for you to do this. Today’s mantra is ‘my feet are magical they connect my red superpower to the ground’ Today’s posture Angel Pose, ground your feet and open up your angel wings!

Daily Challenge 3

Happiness today we will learn about Mula's superpower of happiness! When we smile we are happy, what or who makes you happy? Can you write a list or draw a picture? Ask your friends what makes them happy and your teachers and parents. Our happiness superpower helps us to smile and be happy when we feel sad. Today we will listen to Sarah's happiness meditation, lay or sit down and close your eyes. You can listen to this meditation as many times as you like, remember its always here for you to use!

Daily Challenge 4

Today lets put together everything we have discovered this week and take Emma's special class all about Mula!! We hope you enjoy this class and we are very excited to take you on another magical journey next week discovering YogaBear Stan's super-power of ' Creativity'

We would love for you to share any feedback you have on this weeks Challenge!!

Here is your Certificate to download!

Mula Happiness Certificate
Download DOCX • 389KB

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Janice M
Aug 29, 2021

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