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The Power Of Our Breath

Do you know how powerful your breath is?

I often think that we forget how amazing our breath is and what it can do for our bodies. Being honest how many times a day do you stop to think about how you are breathing? I can honestly say that unless I am doing yoga I sometimes forget to stop and just take a breath.

When I worked as a nurse, I would also teach the staff some breathing techniques to help them relax, I talked about the power of our breath a lot and then one day someone I worked with said to me, Sarah, I have just watched you and you have been holding your breath. I did not even realise; I was so stressed I was not even breathing, and I was completely unaware. How many times a day do you think you hold your breath, and you are not even aware? After this was pointed out to me, I would make a conscious effort a least once in my shift to take myself to a quite corner to just breathe and this may have only been 3 deep and slow breaths, but it really helped me to just reset for a moment.

When you breathe allow your tummy to rise, fill and nourish your beautiful body with your beautiful breath and as you breathe it away allow your tummy and body to completely relax.

When you stop to take a moment to breathe your nervous system has a chance to relax and reset. You give your body permission to feel calm, you give your mind a moment to breathe. This does not have to be for hours a day; it can be for a few minutes and it still makes all the difference. When we feel anxious, or we have a busy mind breathing can be our saviour. You hold this power inside of you to calm your mind and body. Never forget how powerful you and your breath are.

When I ask the kids in my classes how do you feel when you breathe the most common answers are sleepy, calm and relaxed and that is in the first few minutes of a class where we focus on our breath. So, in only 5 minutes they feel relaxed and that is all it takes if you are short on time.

Love yourself enough to nourish your mind and your body with your breath.

You have the power to create peace and harmony within your body through your breath, bringing freedom and clarity to your mind.

Over on our social media this week there will be some short videos with some breathing techniques for kids and adults so why not check it out and see what a difference it can make 😊

Have a beautiful week

Love & Magic always

Sarah x

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