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The Sound Of Your Laughter & Your Smile Light Up This World :-)

Do you ever think about what a difference your beautiful smile could make to someone’s day? Or the amazing sound of your laughter?

I often have this thought as I like to smile at everyone I meet in the street. Now not all smile back, but the people that do make my day. I think how lovely to have this small connection with someone you have never met and what a huge impact it has on my day and most probably to their day too.

Your smile is infectious so spread it around like magic. Light up this world and remember you shine bright when you are sharing your smile 😊

Most of the time leading on from our smile comes the beautiful and soothing sound of laughter. I LOVE to laugh; I mean really laugh until your tummy hurts. How amazing do you feel after a good laugh with your friends or family? Remember that saying ‘’laughter is the best medicine’’ it really is true. Laughter boosts your immune system by eliminating stress and releases those feel-good endorphins.

I saw my friends yesterday and we had one of those laughs when tears are rolling down your face and you cannot breathe for all the laughing. People started to look and smile over at us. The power of laughter, spreading the feel-good magic and joy. It felt like my heart was lighting up from all the laughing which just feels so special.

Why not take a moment to sit and think about what makes you smile and laugh? It is guaranteed to make you feel good and even put a smile on your beautiful face 😊

Never forget that your smile is here to light up the world and the sound of your laughter to soothe the soul.

Have a beautiful week

Love & Magic Always

Sarah x

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