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The Zone & How Yoga Creates it! ~ Estelle

A child's YogaBears practice is a welcomed opportunity to experience play and focus without worrying about being anything but themselves.

I love yoga because it is all inclusive and is an opportunity for children who shy away from physical activity or group activities!

Often some children will shy away from activities for fear of failure or being picked last.

Yoga also helps more confident children excel in other physical activities and sports. My son Mikey has always done yoga with me as well as play football! My daughter jasmines yoga flexibility has helped her build freedom of both body and mind, which now assists her massively in her dancing.

Yoga has a wealth of benefits for young athletes, I would recommend to anyone who wants to gain strength, flexibility, and balance.

The sooner children start the sooner they can build strong but flexible foundations. I love the analogy of the willow tree with its strong foundations and flexible branches that allow it to go with the flow of the wind and prevents any damage.

The more our children can flow like the willow tree the more they can ride the wave of change.

In my experience with children, I have seen how much yoga can improve range of motion, mobility, and coordination, all of which can boost performance and prevent injury in a variety of sports.

At YogaBears we boost children’s confidence through working with their chakra super powers, our YogaBears know anything is possible they can achieve greatness!

The YogaBears method teaches present moment awareness because when our mind is thinking about the past or future, we are missing the most valuable now.

When children are engaged, focused, having fun, and following the YogaBears flow. They are in the present moment.

Our YogaBears teachers highlight the magic of the present moment to our YB tribe so they can apply it any where and every where in life!

The present moment is the “zone” athletes talk about, when there is nothing or anyone stopping them striking that goal or jumping over that hurdle (In sport and in life)

“When the zone calls, you must listen.

You never know how long being in the zone lasts.

It is a cardinal rule - you must take advantage of every second that you are in the zone.”

~ Successful wrestler and sports writer John Passaro

Our YogaBears create a magical zone full of all their hopes and dreams and are able to use their vortex though out life because they are full of confidence and love for themselves

When children have mastered the art of presence the zone doesn’t have to call the children have the power to call it!

Sky is the limit!

Yoga poses vary from balancing, strengthening, twisting, back bending, and inverting. All of these poses have the ability to teach a child about their body.

When children have such an awareness in their body mind and soul they create their own vortex of creation and live the life they were born to live! The life of their dreams.

Not only is yoga amazing for positive mindset in sports but it is also amazing to maintain sports performance!

Arguably the two greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, both practice yoga. This is partly why they're still playing at the top level aged 33 and 36 respectively.

My son Mikey loves his football practise but he is aware that if he does not stretch it his hamstrings and hips become tight. Being tight makes him more likely to get an injury! So even as a teenager Mikey loves his Yoga practise!

Check out mine and Mikey's YouTube video to do with your son or daughter or both!

Perfect opportunity for you all to get in the zone together!

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