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Why do YogaBears teach using the Chakra's

When I first discovered the chakras it was like I was remembering not learning like it was something I already knew and my 7 chakras actually did a little dance, something literally woke up in me and I know they had a very special significance to me.

By the time I discovered the chakras I already had a yoga practice and was like “of course the heart chakra is at your heart and it opens more deeply when you back bend that’s why I feel in love with the world after Bikram's backbend sequence”

Furthermore It made complete sense to me that the sacral chakra was where you stored all your emotions because that is that place in your tummy when your feel excited, hurt, scared all different emotions but in the same place hence the phrase “feel it in the pit of my stomach”To learn that when your emotions are flowing freely your creativity and purpose can be unlocked was just magical genius 😀

As I went through all the chakras I literally had childlike awe, and to know this was scientifically proven really made me feel so empowered as it was like I had always felt it it but never knew it.

Soon after my discovery I began to wonder why we are not taught about the chakras in school, I thought imagine all children knew about their inner chakra super powers, not only would it give them a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them it would also give them the tools to be happy, confident and full of love.

At this point I had not started YogaBears classes but the YogaBears idea was born as the name had come to me after the birth of my first son Michael, and it just felt like the obvious thing to do, to connect the YogaBears with the chakras so children could understand and love themselves from the inside there it was 7 YogaBears and their magical chakra super powers where born.

For me the chakras are a life long journey of self discovery and I am constantly learning more and will be forever the student and I am just so grateful to have YogaBear teachers and children from so many different places across the globe on this incredible chakra super power journey with me, we are loving the rainbow ride.

There is a brilliant book I always recommend to our teacher training trainees here are the details below,

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


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