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Why I Love Me?

Here is a question that for many could be a difficult one to answer. Why should I love myself?

As a woman in her 30’s I could list off many reasons now why I love myself, but this is only a very recent feeling. So why has it taken me over 30 years to love me? It was not for the lack of love in my family life as I was surrounded by an abundance and more. But I think as you start to grow small things start to knock your confidence, small things that you may pass off as nothing but at the time hurt you and these emotions stay in our bodies unless we release them out. Sounds crazy I know but it is so true, and I can only say this with the healing journey I have been on, things that I thought never even bothered me from my teenage years very much so stayed as trapped emotions just adding another layer or reason for me not to love myself fully.

When I think of the children I teach in YogaBears they absolutely love giving themselves a hug and saying out loud “I LOVE ME” and then I move to a group of teens I teach and they very much have difficulty saying it and their answer “why say it, if you do not mean it” and I understand why would we say something we do not mean? Well, here is why, when we begin to speak to ourselves kindly and say these beautiful words to ourselves it has the power to change the way we see and feel about ourselves. I wonder if we began saying to ourselves “I LOVE ME” and giving ourselves the comfort and love we needed from a young age would this love travel with us throughout the ages?

Maybe give it a try, give yourself a hug and say “I LOVE ME” like you are speaking to the most special person in the whole wide world, because you are. Maybe sit with yourself a little longer and hold yourself and notice how much comfort you can take from this love you are giving yourself. I am not saying that something will change overnight but something will change, it will just take some time and when it does the freedom you feel from loving yourself completely is on another level that words just cannot describe.

Love yourself for who you are and remember that you are enough just as you are, no more or no less.

Love yourself fully and watch the magic happen.

Love & Magic Always

Sarah x

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