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Yoga In The Sunshine

Why Do We Love Teaching Outside?

YogaBears in the sunshine is one of my most favourite things to do. It feels so special to be able to teach outside. The sun on our faces, feeling the gentle breeze on our skin, feeling the earth beneath our feet and listening to the singing birds. How amazing that while we are practicing yoga we get to feel and hear all these beautiful things awakening our senses.

I taught a class in the sunshine this weekend on the prom and it got me thinking about how beneficial outdoor classes are. The kids were so happy before we had even started to move our bodies or connect to our breath because we were outside. They were gazing up at the blue skies and watching the birds flying high, feeling the sunshine and the light breeze on their faces, looking at the daisies growing on the grass next to them. All these tiny little miracles filling them with so much joy.

I find it quite hard to explain the magic of an outdoor practice especially one by the sea. You feel connected to the earth, there is a calming energy that feels different to every other practice, that I am certain comes from breathing in this beautiful sea air as well as also getting in that daily dose of vitamin D from the sunshine helping to boost our immune systems.

It also made me wonder if being outside makes the kids feel like they have more freedom, more freedom to be just as they are. Not taking anything away from an indoor class but it was just something that I noticed with one of my regular YogaBears on how animated and how free she was during class with her movement and her interaction with others around her. I wonder if awakening the senses and being by the sea air creates more freedom within us because we feel so much joy before we even start our practice.

If you have ever wondered about joining an outdoor class I would 100% recommend giving it a go. There is a certain joy and magic that is created in these classes that leave you feeling a calm like no other and freedom to just be.

Sunshine yoga is one of my favourite things to do in the summer and this week at YogaBears we will have lots of beautiful posts on our outdoor practice over on

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Love & Magic always


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