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YogaBears Bedtime Routine

I love the feeling of snuggling up before bed time, after having wound down after a busy day. That is my ultimate feeling of satisfaction.

The unwinding releases any stresses of the day and helps me to feel not only calm and relaxed but open to new opportunities that the next day ahead May have to offer.

My bed time routine includes putting my phone and computer away and having lots of snuggles with the kids and maybe if I am lucky and Lennon lets me, a little stretch and a hot bath.

As an adult the wind down is essential for children it is is a necessity!! The growing minds of children are often even more busy than ours, so expecting them to seamlessly shift into sleepy mode immediately after activities, such as dancing, football or even watching TV, is unrealistic.

I have always found to put my 3 into a sleep state bed time rituals are a must!

I have had lots of challenges with my 3 and bedtime routines. Especially when they have activities of a night.

Its often nearly 9pm when my older two get home which usually means Lennon is awake because of pickups or he is drifting off to sleep but “comes alive” again!

Mikey and Jas have always enjoyed a bedtime story and chats before bed time. Recently we have been using our YogaBears rainbow of light to help them unwind a little as well as helping Lennon to find his sleepy state.

Using our rainbow of light we also have a few moments of sending ourselves and others wishes for happiness, strength, health and peace we feel it’s our way of raising the vibration

The way in which we use our rainbow of light demonstrates the benefits of mindfulness and how it doesn’t have to b under a strict goal of mindfulness.

When We spread kindness mindfulness just happens.

As you settle your children in bed why don’t you recite our rainbow of light 🌈

I have a rainbow light in my heart that I was given when I was born

Because of that rainbow light

I am not scared of anyone or anything

My magical

YogaBears rainbow light is always guiding me

Now think of your rainbow light and where you would like to send it?

Is there anyone in your life your would like to share it with?

Is there anywhere you would like to send it

Tonight we sent our rainbow light to the my husband who is grieving right now and over to the Ukraine 🙏

Why not try for a few weeks and see if you can see the difference it makes to not just your bed time routine but your peace of mind!

Every little bit of rainbow light can help

Be the change you want to see in the world 🌍

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