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At YogaBears we offer additional YogaBears TTC for existing yoga teachers!

Join us for a two day intensive course where you will unlock the magic that is YogaBears and what it can bring to children. At YogaBears one of our main usp's are the incredible YogaBear Teddy Bears that encompass all our teachings. The 2 day intensive course will equip you with the knowledge needed to teach with our 7 bears as teaching aids.

The Power of the Bears

You cannot imagine the power that these magical bears bring to children. Through the 7 Bears each representing a chakra each, they translate all of the mindful elements of yoga. They transform yoga from being a physical practice to a toolkit for life. Each Bear and their superpower have signature postures related to the chakra, connecting the children through movement. Each Bear also has a superpower which provides endless mindful teachings about how to treat others, the world around us and also ourselves!


The Magic

YogaBears provides endless magic. Whether it's via our teaching community, our bears, our children or parents the magic is constantly being created! If you ever feel lonely in your teaching then YogaBears will help you feel supported and part of something bigger!

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