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YogaBears - Yoga & Mindfulness for ages 2years - 11years

November 4th - 5th 2023 - Galway, Ireland

At YogaBears we teach children the ABC’s of yoga. Yoga is a practical technique for developing both the mind & body in perfect harmony. Whatever you need you can achieve, all you have to do is believe.

At YogaBears we develop the mind, body & soul, creating oneness.

YogaBears is a unique, colourful recipe of yoga postures designed specifically to support the child (holistically) in their early years of development & beyond.

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What will the course cover?

  • Meet the YogaBears - 

    Superpowers and the Chakras

  • Anatomy and Physiology - 

    The coursebook will provide a fully intense insight into a child’s anatomy and physiology and how this applies to physical practice.

  • YogaBears Work books - 

    A tool to provide Teachers with a guide to class structure, flows, themes, stories and focus for each term

  • YogaBears Live - 

    Observe and take part in live YogaBears’ classes!

  • Physical and emotional benefits - 

    YogaBears meets children at their emotional level. We explore emotional intelligence awareness and development via the seven Chakras within the body.

  • Asana - 

    An introduction to Asana via the A to Z’ and additional supporting postures that creates enigmatic yoga classes

  • Meditation & Mindfulness 

    techniques – Relaxation, breathing Techniques and ‘vibrations’ or mantra

  • Safeguarding & Child Development - 

    A full introduction to our Safeguarding policy and how to implement it into your place of work.

  • Business Management - 

    Introduction into the business structure and how to establish your own YogaBears Family.

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YogaBears - Yoga & Mindfulness for ages 2years - 11years: Classes

 You Can do this

Our self limiting beliefs sometimes prevent us from taking steps towards your future. Children are the future and as a YogaBears teacher you can help to shape emotionally strong leaders of the future!

YogaBears is not a Franchise and once you have paid your course fee there are no future payments to be paid!

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