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Family Affair

One of the biggest aspirations for me was always to make yoga a family affair! That is why I started my YogaBears classes alongside Bikram yoga in my studio 11 years ago so the whole family could reap the rewards and set up a beautiful family routine together!

Yoga not only helps us connect with ourselves but also in the process connect with our family as we all become more mindful and realise it really is the little things, the little precious moments that count!

In our busy lives it’s easy to lose presence as we run from one task to the next, from the school run to activities, from dinner to bed time.

But Yoga demonstrates the magic of presence becoming still on the mat helps you to take that stillness in the magical moments, for example stopping and looking at that beautiful picture you have been drawn at school pick up instead of rushing to the car.

Yoga helps us tune into our inner space and honour our true voice. Naturally, flowing together as a family to do an activity that everyone loves will open up a dialogue, giving everyone much to talk about. Yoga creates a great topic at dinner as well as mindfulness to switch all devices of at to enjoy that memorable chat about yoga, their day or whatever else is important or fun.

YogaBears explore the body, mind and soul through the chakras and this helps to create the space to communicate authentically with one another. This is particularly important as children reach tween and teenage hood so setting strong foundations as early as possible within children is essential!

A regular yoga practice for your family is more than just one great habit. Yoga is shown to encourage the formation of more good habits, from additional exercise regimens to healthy dietary choices. It may even influence the types of relationships we choose to foster in our lives, so again the earlier our children start the better!

I say it all the time but so many of my adult students say they wish they would have started sooner, so our parents are giving their children this magical opportunity!

A big change many people notice after starting yoga is its confidence-building powers. That’s not surprising, considering how many asanas activate the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, our Pura YogaBear which is associated with will power and confidence.

Yoga builds the courage to express our unique and authentic selves to our family members. This confidence also spreads into other aspects of life, including standing up for ourselves, living with integrity, applying for new jobs, and making new friends.

Our Liverpool yoga studious community loves it. The kids look forward to their yoga practice along with their parents and siblings! Meeting with their new yoga friends at the studio! Yoga brings with it a strong sense of community and belonging which is called sangha in yoga!

Adults and kids alike feel the pull to return every Saturday to create sangha it truly is magic.

If you are already an existing adult yoga teacher, maybe becoming a children's yoga teacher could help you build a community! Or if you're thinking of becoming a children's yoga teacher, YogaBears teacher training will create magic for you and your students. Please get in touch we can’t wait to hear from you.

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