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Teaching Yoga, a career or secondary career?

Hi everyone, Vicky here from YogaBears.

As General Manager a question I am asked often is," Can teaching Yoga can be a career or will it always be a secondary career?"

The meaning of the word 'career' for me, has changed over the years. I used to believe that a career was a dream job that a person would strive for and once they achieved it, would stay in it for ever.

After 12 years in Banking, 8 different positions, 15 different locations and maybe 4 rounds of corporate redundancies I found myself deflated and trapped by my personal circumstances

The first part of my response to this question will always be based around those personal circumstances I mentioned above. In 2016 when I sought to escape the world of Corporate Banking I had a house, husband, children and dog to consider. Financial circumstances and commitments will always play a part in whether you can choose to walk away from a career, start or career or create a secondary career. In my case a secondary career was the option for a period of time. I was able to find balance by working with YogaBears for a period of 4 months before I made the leap to start full time!

Secondly support, the majority of those whom have trained with us over the years have families. A support network needs to be established for many in this case. Establishing your support network before you make the change provides you with much less apprehension when entering into your course and the weeks after. A support network includes childcare, your partner, employer etc.

Finally, your mindset.... This can be the most challenging of all and honestly I could spend a decade writing about the mindset of the most successful Yoga Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Schools I have met over the years. All I would say is that before undertaking any further training, make sure you have the mental space for the challenge and let us coach you along the way!

I hope I can inspire you to take the leap you have been anticipating go with your heart enabling you to open doors around you creating your own support network thus allowing you the mental space needed for your dream challenge, we will be with you every step of the way!

Happy Monday!


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