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Yoga and fitness for tweens and teens by Estelle Love Light and P.M.A.C Fitness

This programme is a fusion of yoga and fitness to cultivate a strong sense of self, a free mind and a confident body, thus healthy happy tweens and teens.

This programme has been designed by two leading figures in both the Yoga & Fitness Industries. Estelle love light & Pmac fitness, the programme they have created is Transformer teenage fitness & yoga.

Estelle Love Light began her journey as a Bikram Yoga teacher opening her own studio in Liverpool which is now in its sixth year of business and has become the Yoga & Fitness hub in Liverpool City Centre.

Estelle Love Light then went on become the creator and director of the UK’s fastest growing children’s yoga provider YogaBears. YogaBears provides enhanced yoga & mindfulness training to those seeking to become children’s yoga teachers or incorporate yoga within their place of work. YogaBears now has teachers across the globe and its teachings are being incorporated in over 168 schools in the UK.

Transformer for teens is the latest of Estelle Love Lights ‘Yoga Teacher Training Certifications’ which will take place in November 2019. Estelle has teamed up with P.M.A.C Fitness the Personal Trainer renowned for getting the best out of his clients some of which happen to be celebrities and are huge advocates of his work, Peter is also the author of Pmac fitness & food plans which are a downloadable fitness neccisity. Peters experience in all things fitness has made him one of the most influential figures in the UK Fitness Industry.

What does Transformer look like?

The aim of each class is for our youth to develop body awareness and become aware of mindful practises.

We use the magic 20/20/20 formula 20 mins fitness, 20 minutes yoga & 20 minutes mindfullness.

To support body awareness, classes will focus on different elements of the body, not only to create body awareness but to strengthen and increase flexibility, these elements include —. balancing and alignment, -core and extension work, -own body weight lifting and inversions, —. -warming up and cooling down the body safely -rest and recovery

To highlight our mindful practise classes will be themed around seven forces which include, happiness, contentment, strength, love for ourselves, the power of our own voice, trusting our intuition and freedom from limits.

During each Transformer class students will set goals use affirmations and record their improvements helping them to understand that anything is possible all you have to do is work hard and believe.

During your teacher training you will receive the tools on how to encourage & facilitate children to work in this empowering way that they can then apply to all areas of their life. Estelle and Peter have extensive experience of working with our youth and have formed a strong, effective partnership with a shared goal that we want the very best out of and for our Youth.

Peter and Estelle have tried and tested there fusion methods not only on their students but on themselves and believe if our youth hold these skills and master the seven forces, they will be unstoppable and transform when the time is right into happy, healthy, inspirational adults thus transforming the lives of those around them

If you want to make a difference in the present, past & future Come and join our Transformer team


This program is open to;

– All YogaBears Teachers – Fitness Professionals – School Teachers – School Leavers looking to start a career in the fitness or coaching industry – Persons whom are passionate about our youths physical and mental wellbeing and whom have an adequate level of physical fitness – A previous knowledge of Yoga is desired but not required, it is suggested that those looking to take this course have or are working to achieve 40 hours of Yoga practice.

Come and join Estelle & Peters movement to help the youth of today become the best they can be by training with our creators in their unique complementary, interconnected fusion of Yoga & fitness.

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