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YogaBear Rah Challenge Week - Freedom!

Welcome to week 7

Rah is our white YogaBear and his super-power is Freedom, and this magical super not only helps us to feel free but also connects us to everything and everyone. Here is the Creator of YogaBears Estelle to tell us more about Rah.

Our freedom super power sits above our heads like a magical crown, connecting all our energies together, demonstrating beautifully that we are one!

Daily Challenge 1

Draw a picture of you being free.

Now act out that picture with your eyes opened or closed. If you drew a picture of you dancing in a forest, be in that forest and dance from your soul.

Now write down in words what freedom feels like!

Today’s posture mantra “I am free to be me”

Today’s posture is Rainbow.

Daily challenge 2

Rah’s super of freedom is so powerful because it connects all our super powers together. Reflect back on our super power challenge; can you remember all the YogaBears names and their super powers, which YogaBear is the most special to you and how does it work well with Rah? For example if your favourite Bear is Hata and you feel that love is your favourite super power think of how this helps you to be free.

Today’s mantra is “I am complete I am free

Today’s posture is Unicorn.

Daily challenge 3

Sometimes in life we can carry things around with us and do not realise it. A comment that someone has made to us or a sad feeling because we were told off or had a fall out with a friend. Even though these things happened in the past sometimes we carry it round for days maybe weeks! Let’s use a backpack to demonstrate this:

1.Take a backpack and 5 objects of different weights.