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YogaBears This Summer

What a summer I have had with my YogaBears teens and tweens we have literally created magic!

Every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer in Marbella we have been meeting together under the very same tree where we have made our wishes and visualised our dreams.

After each and every session I could feel my beautiful yoga tribe where reset and unwound! They never wanted to come out of relaxation there was lots of snoozing going on, it was absolute peace and calm! So essential to there busy lives.

We had so much fun with our yoga moves

helping their beautiful growing bodies feel balanced and aligned.

Yoga offers incredible benefits to teenagers as they grow, including improved posture and spine health, flexibility, balance, strength and coordination.

YogaBears offers even more incredible benefits because we focus on Their inner super powers the chakras helping them connect to the inner power and unite their energy.

Our super power mantras through summer have been

I am CREATIVE the ARTIST in my own life
I am unconditional LOVE
I am all of my DREAMS coming true

I created Teens and tweens training a few ago before lock down and I am lucky enough to have a few existing Tween and teen teachers in the UK however the world needs more for sure!

I am definitely going to do more training both in the UK and Spain and I am currently working on a school programme so I can continue my classes with my summer tribe, they have made me promise to approach their schools and carry on with monthly workshops and I will!

Globally, one in seven 10-19-year-olds experiences a mental disorder, accounting for 13% of the global burden of disease in this age group. From my own personal experience I know yoga can help take this burden away! You alway feel better after yoga and in our yogaBears classes we give children the opportunity to speak about their feelings and emotions.

Depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. We spoke very openly about anxiety during our classes throughout summer it’s definitely a new “buzz” word after the pandemic.

My Yoga tribe discussed how anxiety can just be a guide post for us to do something or take something away that we need to prepare more of something or take something away. For example if we are anxious before I test maybe we need to prepare more so we can feel more confident or maybe we simply need to do you to calm our nerves………either way we Win!

Emotions are not who we are they just come and go and we can watch them leave by being connected and self aware……the YogaBears tweens and teen way!

YogaBears for tweens and teens creates Emotional maturity and connectivity.

One of the reasons I created YogaBears was because when I stared yoga I wish I would of done it sooner the younger the better!

Since the uncertainty of the pandemic it is now even more important for tweens to do yoga in this way as the consequences of failing to address adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood.

Ignoring both physical and mental health in teens may mean limiting opportunities to lead fulfilling lives as adults.

Yoga can help children understand their

Moods and emotions through YogaBears classes so they do not become a condition instead they flow so they can let go!

Adolescence is a crucial period for developing social and emotional habits important for mental well-being. Just like the ones we create on our YogaBears classes

During the summer we covered healthy sleeping rituals and the importance of rest and movement.

We talked about how to solve problems in friendships groups and at home developing coping, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

Protective and supportive environments like the yoga tribe community I created during the summer are not just important they are essential! And I can not wait to widen our community across the Globe!

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